• Bridal Party Yoga at Cornman Farms

    Rebecca Hogan, bride: 

    It was a beautiful, warm summer day on the farm- and we rolled our mats out next to the barn. I was looking forward to a great start to the day. I hoped to connect to my breath, my friends and family around me- and find a way to build energy and positive vibes for the day ahead. By starting my wedding day with i do yoga- I got more than anything I had expected.

    Emma led my ladies and I through a gentle sequence that set the perfect tone and mood for the day. So many people told me I was the "happiest bride" they had ever seen- and I owe much of that to that morning yoga practice with Emma. She awoke my senses, calmed my nerves and opened my heart even wider than I imagined.

    I recommend i do yoga to every bride, groom and wedding party out there!!! Thank you Emma for everything!!

    Carmina, officiant & bridesmaid:

    Being the first time I ever served as a bridesmaid / officiant the days leading up to it were exciting yet at times interrupted by anxiety. Starting off the day with a morning yoga session lead by Emma was relaxing, calming and really helped me reconnect with my inner strength. It also helped me set and focus my intentions on what was truly important that day, celebrating LOVE and being joyful.